What I also enjoy about this story is how it blurs the lines between spirituality and psychological science. One of my favorite moments from Mya’s therapy treatment was when the spiritual advisor, Mike, stated, “I don’t think it would make sense if he (the devil) attacked people who were already working for him whether they know it or not. If I were the enemy, I would attack people that work to tear down my kingdom and build up the Kingdom of God.”

The timing of this quote not only took my breath away but confirmed this book as my favorite read of 2020. This story provides a special therapy session that we all deserve. Not to mention, the twist in this story is one that no one will see coming!

Iniki Jones

This was an amazing read from beginning to end. I loved how vividly things were described; it made me see things through the eyes of the characters. The time line threw me off at first but it made sense after the 2nd one. 

As a mental health professional I see so many reasons why people should read this book. It will literally help break the stigma that exists in mental health.

Also, it has made me think about my relationship with God and how I need to rest and be still especially with how the world is today. Oftentimes I want to move at my own pace and this is confirmation for me!

Even a counselor can get pointers from this book, understand that it's not just a one way street, and so much more. I can go on and on but in the end,  I am SURE that whoever reads this will be touched just as I have. I cannot wait to get my copy. You are a blessing!!

Marrise Hodges