From Seed To Flower

It took heartbreak for me to learn my purpose. It took isolation for me to clearly hear my calling. It took letting go for me to gain what was originally for me.

At the end of 2018, going into 2019, I had my own plans for my life in which I simply inserted God. He quickly let me know that this was not the way that I was meant to live my life. Every idea that I had formulated in my mind and started to execute was shut down by the hand of God leaving me gracefully broken and evaluating myself and my motives. My life that appeared to be falling apart was actually falling perfectly into place.

Even though I have taken full responsibility for my actions of moving without God, He still used the negative for my good. Without the shut down of the school/doctoral program that I was attending, I would have been stuck in a field unbefitting for my purpose. Without the heartbreak result of a rough relationship, I would not have been able to understand my worth, my calling, and my true, inner beauty, and eventually be healed. The lack of money pushed me to depend more on God, utilize the resources that He provided me, and comprehend from where my true security flows resulting in much increase. The isolation and feelings of loneliness allowed me to clearly hear the voice of God, limit my intake of those things that did not benefit me, and ultimately, arrive at multiple God-given purposes. 

The mishaps and alternate routes led me to first begin my writing journey. Journaling during my hard times and knowing that others have dealt with some issues that I dealt with pushed me to write a novel. Stigmata includes glimpses into the lessons that I learned, different versions of my own obstacles, and Words from God that I received from reading the Bible and through my dreams.

Wanting more, not settling, accepting my gift of administration, and knowing that I am meant to live a life of humbleness, service, fulfillment, and success opened my mind up to the calling of starting S. D. Administrative Consulting, LLC. People who work for God and people that work in the mental health realm need help and my purpose is to serve them.

The lessons that I learned in my struggle do not stop at these two projects. There is much more to come and even more to learn.

How do your previous struggles contribute to your current purposes?


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