The Art

Here is an interesting story:

I go to a hair salon in Atlanta, Ga called Bishops. This place is nice with great and experienced hair stylists, just in case you ever need your hair done. Since the first day I went there in July, I had been asking them about their art on the art wall. Every time I would go, I would ask about the art and whether or not it was for sale. The last time I went, I asked about one particular piece. It happened to be my favorite and my hairstylist mentioned to me that they had two of the same one. I asked if I could buy one of them and she told me that she would check.

I decided that I wanted to purchase the art from the artist. I looked him up on Instagram and “slid in his Dm’s,” but right before I did that, I received the great idea to ask him to do my book cover art. I had no faith that he would respond to me, because why would he respond to one person out of his 40-something thousand followers, especially since he is in Australia and I am in the USA?

I was wrong. Soon after that direct message, we were on the phone speaking about the cover that I wanted for my book. Not long after that conversation, I had, in my possession, what I believed to be the greatest art in the world.

I honestly couldn’t believe that I stepped out of my comfort zone and contacted someone in what was an uncomfortable manner for me. Nevertheless, it worked out. I cannot thank Mr. Loui Jover enough for working with me, my numerous requests, and our extreme time difference.

Moral of the story: Don’t allow the fear of being rejected or being uncomfortable to stop you from going for what you want.

What are some interesting stories of when you stepped outside of your comfort zone and it led to success?

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