The Journey

At the end of 2019, I entered my season of development. I was led to become a writer and a business owner. The business owner portion was simple, for the most part. I was confident in my God-given gift of administration, which meant that I had to take the steps to build clientele and make my business official through the state. The process of becoming an author was a bit more complicated.

When I knew that I wanted to begin writing a book, I contacted an author that I was associated with and spoke with her about my desire. This same lady, Brittney Jackson, become my editor and publisher. After this, it was up to me to come up with a concept, establish my plot, and put action behind my thoughts. There were many ups and downs. Sometimes, I was motivated and I could write for hours. Other times, I questioned what I was doing and I even concerned myself with whether or not people would want to read what I put out into the world. The alignments with my life and the spiritual parts of my book provided me with confirmations that reminded me that I was doing what I was called to do. God continued to give me the push that I needed until I was done, regardless of my own defeating thoughts. I experienced bouts of anxiety as my book was coming to an end, but I was confident in what I had written.

It turned out that the journey taught me multiple things:

-God will let me know when I am doing the right and the wrong thing.

-My value and abilities are not dependent upon the temporary thoughts and feelings of people. They are determined by the One who never changes.

-I have a true love for mental health and touching the lives of others. These things allowed me to produce an entertaining but impactful fiction novel.

-Writing is my destiny and this will not be the only book that I will write. 

Now that the journey of writing this specific book is complete, I am in a different season where I get to experience the impacts of my book as it reaches you all and beyond.

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