• Thank you for that, I really appreciate you sharing. The mental health battle is one that is often taken lightly but it is real. The enemy will test you in multiple ways but God always see us through. I use to get so caught up on trying to get things to be the way I want it, pressuring myself and stressing over things, asking God for blessings when they are already written. I had to learn to let go and thank God for all the blessing I know he has plan for me, thanking him in advance rather than asking. Practicing this habit had reduced my stress level significantly, I feel like myself again.

  • Hi. Thank you for sharing your experience and insight about mental health and how it has helped you step into your true purpose in this life. I can completely relate when it comes to how my way of thinking can block blessings. It messes with everything, including how we react in situations, which is another reason why God may not open certain doors for us. As silly as this may be, a constant test for me has been people removing my wet and dry clothes from the washing machine and dryer in my condo complex and leaving them on the dirty folding table. I know I constantly ask God to help me with my patience and then situations like this occur and the first thing I want to do is throw their clothes down the trash chute😂 (I’m just being honest). HOWEVER, I have learned to step outside of myself and show love in uneasy situations and I have gotten so much better with it. I notice that with this little shift in my thinking, I’m able to handle other situations better and, in that, God can open more doors for me. I am also more at peace. Negative thoughts consume so much energy. In tough situations I believe it important to stop and remember that God loves and blesses the “worst” of us. The meanest. We are striving to be like Him, so we need to step outside of our cardinal mind and let God’s example lead our lives. It has even helped with being a wife and mother. You can’t lose by continuously showing love. Also, I read Battlefield of the Mind so many years ago and it still resonates with me. I think I will read it again. So, thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to the other 4 parts.

    Taylor Chavis

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